Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who takes care of permits?

A: It is the responsibility of the home owner or contractor to have all permits in place prior to the start of the project. Check with your local building inspector to see if a permit is required.  

Q: How much clearance is needed to access my yard?
A: We need a minimum of 5 feet to maneuver around your yard. This means access into the yard also between any trees or shrubbery in the area.   

Q: Do I need to be present at the time the work is done?

A: Yes, we highly recommend that you are present. We cannot take responsibility for hole locations and depths if you are not.

 Q: Who calls Dig Safely NY? (Dial 811)

A: If Karrod is doing the job, then we call. If you decide to tackle any digging project yourself, you MUST call 811 first to make sure there are no gas lines, electrical, telephone, or tv wires, etc. buried where you plan to dig. It's the safest way to go, and it's the LAW!

Q: What if my yard is fenced in, can you still do my work?

A: At  least a three foot opening is required. This is the average opening of a gate. If there is no gate, this may mean removing a section of fence.  This can be done by the home owner or by Karrod. 

Q: Can my yard be accessed through my neighbor's yard?

A: Yes, but their permission is required.

Q: Do I need a special latch for my pool gate?

A: Yes. Most cities/towns in WNY require that you have a type of latch that can be securely locked so no one can open the pool gate. They also require you to "spring-load" your gates as well. The gate should have self-closing hinges installed. 

Q: How long will my wood fence posts last?

A: Most of the ground in WNY is clay. Clay tends to hold water. While it really does depend on how wet or dry your yard is, roughly 20 - 25 years is a good average life span for a 4 X 4 pressure treated post. 

We Can Dig It!

 Q: If I add gravel to the bottom of my fence post hole, will my post(s) last longer?

A: While it doesn't hurt to put gravel at the bottom to help the water drain, it really doesn't help the life of your post. If Karrod is installing your posts, we use wet-mixed concrete to set the post(s), (and then fill the rest of the hole back up with the dirt we removed to make the post hole) so the water can't actually get at the bottom of the post. When the post does start to decay, it's right at or just under the top of the ground.

 Q: Do I need to call anyone before digging any holes?

A: No, not if Karrod is doing the digging.

Q: I love my fence, but my wood posts are broken. Can this be fixed?
A: Yes! We can just change out your broken, bent, or loose posts. We first remove your fence panels, and then dig out all the old broken post(s) and concrete. Next, we drill new holes, install and concrete brand new posts where the old broken ones were. Then re-attach your panels so your fence is once again straight, and your yard is secure!